Tickets are going on sale!

We are happy to inform everyone who has inquired about ticket sales that Animecon tickets will go on sale next Friday, March 9th at 6 p.m.! See below for different types of tickets.

Animecon “Senpai” tickets

These tickets go on sale on March 9th and will only be sold in limited quantities! The “Senpai” ticket costs 45 € (inc. VAT and service fee) per ticket.

The “Senpai” ticket includes the following special extras:

  • Prior entry to the event and Dealers’ Den (by 30 minutes)
  • A reserved VIP section in the main hall
  • A VIP section with a water cooler, gaming consoles, and space to rest
  • Queuing privileges in autograph signing sessions (requires a separate autograph ticket)
  • A VIP badge

The “Otaku” presale ticket

Tickets go on sale on Friday, March 9th and end on Monday, April 9th. The “Otaku” weekend ticket is a less expensive presale ticket, so you can save money by buying yours early! The “Otaku” weekend tickets are sold for the price of 34.90 € per ticket (inc. VAT and service fee) per ticket.

Regular ticket

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, April 10th after the presale period ends. Regular tickets cover the entire weekend, and are sold for the price of 39.90 € (inc. VAT and service fee) per ticket.

Day tickets

You can also purchase day tickets to Animecon. These will be sold directly at the door. You can also purchase full weekend tickets at the door.

Prices for tickets purchased at the door:

  • Weekend ticket 45 € (inc. VAT) per ticket
  • Saturday ticket 35 € (inv. VAT) per ticket
  • Sunday ticket 25 € (inv. VAT) per ticket

The link to the ticket store will be published on our [Ticket sales page]( on Friday, 9th of March at 6 p.m.!

Questions? You can e-mail us for more information at