Looking to become part of our volunteer staff or security team at Animecon?

Would you like to be part of organizing one of the best events of the year? Apply to become part of our volunteer staff or security team! Our team of volunteers will gain access to a number of great benefits for their efforts – after all, the event would not exist without the help of volunteers!

Our volunteer workers will get to participate in a range of different tasks such as serving at the info desk or the cloakroom, looking after the Greenroom, helping out with programming or accommodation, and general cleaning. In exchange for eight hours of volunteer work, we will provide our staff with f.ex. free entry to the event for the entire weekend, a warm meal on both days of the event, as well as free floor accommodation. A letter of reference can also be provided.

For our security team we offer the same benefits. All members of our security team must be at least 18 years of age and have no prior misdemeanors – a valid security license is recommended. The number of hours required to work for the security team may differ from the hours required from other volunteer workers.

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