Animecon will be hosting a Photoshoot and Hall Cosplay contest, with two categories: single and couples. The Photoshoot contest is designed for cosplay photographers and models. There is no participant limit for the Photoshoot contest, but in case there are over 15 applicants, there will be a preliminary judging before the contest.

Applications are open for the Photoshoot contest between the 18th and 30th of June, 2018. You can apply via the application form. The day of the contest is Saturday. The top three will be awarded. For more information on the rules and judging criteria of the Photoshoot contest, please check here.

Participants for the Hall Cosplay contest will be chosen among the convention visitors and asked to enter the contest. This year the contest features two categories: single and couples. Up to ten participants will be chosen for both categories, and they will be selected on Saturday between 11 and 12.30 am within the convention premises. The top three of both categories will be awarded. For more information on the rules of the Hall Cosplay contest, please check here.


Any questions? You can e-mail your question to Cosvision ry at

Would you like to volunteer to assist with contest preparation? You can send an informal application to Cosvision ry via e-mail at

We are also looking for judges for all categories! All judges applications should be sent by June 24th, 2018 to The application can be informal. Please remember to title the applications with: Animecon Hall Cosplay judging single, Animecon Hall Cosplay judging couples or Animecon Photoshoot judging