Photoshoot and Hall Cosplay contests were held at Animecon!


Animecon hosted a Photoshoot and Hall Cosplay contest, with two categories: single and couples. The Photoshoot contest was designed for cosplay photographers and models. There was no participant limit for the Photoshoot contest, but in case there were over 15 applicants, there would have been a preliminary judging before the contest.

Contestants for the Hall Cosplay competitions were selected among the visitors and 30 visitors were selected to compete. 12 photographers with 13 pictures took part in the Photoshoot contest.

The contestants for both Hall Cosplay and the Photoshoot competition were seen on the main stage at 5 p.m. on Saturday. The competitions were hosted by the lovely Ilona Cosplay!

Judges of the Hall Cosplay contest Solo category were Elina Cosplay, AG cosplay & photography, Chamira and the Guest of Honor Kamui Cosplay. The judges of the Hall Cosplay contest Couple category were Jesmo, MissAlisu and Anakichi. The Photoshoot contest’s judges were Mialiina cosplay photography, Alexandriel Photography and Hellu Cosplay. 

For more information on the rules of the Hall Cosplay and Photoshoot contest, please check here.

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Hall Cosplay – Solo Category

1. 0sako
2. Kis
3. Alina

Hall Cosplay – Couple Category

 1. MusteMae & Stark_will_fix_it_all
2. Wihelmi Cosplay
3. Kar-Tano Cosplay & Mii Cosplay

Photoshoot contest | Photographer: Veera "Perunaprinssi" Kostamo | Model: Paru | Character / source: Abigail Williams / Fate/Grand Order
2. place | Photographer: Niina “Nitsakia” Rimpiläinen | Model: Juho “Elvu” Hanhikoski | Character / source: Soma Yukihira / Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
3. sija | Photographer: Aino Peltokoski | Model: Maria Alve | Character / source: Snow White / Snow White

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