Animecon hosts an Artists Alley


Artist alley is in the vendor hall in hall 6a at the Messukseskus.

The table costs 80€ including access, table, and chair.

Table is 120cm*60cm

The artist tables are coming for sale on Thursday 14th of June and sales closes on 31st of June.

You can buy the table from Liveto webstore or under “Buy Tickets” tab on the page.


You are able to access the table on Saturday 14th of July at 8:00.

Artist Alley opens at 10:30 on Saturday and closes at 20:00.

On Sunday Artist Alley opens at 10:30 and closes at 16:00.

You can sell only handcrafts/your own art on the table. Resales and secondhand sales are forbidden.


We will send an Email on July 1st where we will ask any info and picture you want to have on our web page. We will publish artists a week before the event.